...Peña is full of unique creativity and talent, definitely one of the most promising musicians of his generation...
— Julito Alvarado, Trompetist

    Born in 1996, Rio Piedras, PR, Richard Peña is a jazz guitarist of the new breed of jazz of the island. Throughout his high school years at the Escuela Libre de Musica of San Juan and current years studying his Bachelors Degree at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, Peña participated in many international music events such as the Berklee Highschool Jazz Festival; Heneiken Ventana al Jazz in Orlando, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico; Concurso Internazionale di Canto Corale in Seghizzi, Italy; over 5 times at the Long Weekends Jazz Festival at Palmas del Mar; Humacao Jazz Festival; Toured the cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago of Dominican Republic playing at venues such as the Santo Domingo Jazz Festival at Casa de Teatro (2017 edition), Fiesta Sunset Jazz Club, Lunes de Jazz at the Gran Teatro del Cibao and Santo Domingo de Fiesta; Comienza La Noche Buena en La Placita de Santurce; La Placita Food Festival 2017; The Abracadabra Jazz Series; La Junta; and many other local music events and venues.

Just about the best music that my business has had in years. The people love his music, the way it’s never the same; always gives them a reason to come back next week for more.
— Don Rey Cigars

     Peña has been able to share stages with players such as Latin Grammy Nomine Charlie Sepúlveda, Edmar Colón, Greek saxophonist Yannis Kassetas, Kalani Trinidad, Ricardo Pons, Paoli Mejía, Samuel Morales, Jorge Laboy, Brenda Hopkins, etc. He also recorded in the award winning album "Ready For Departure" by Guess Who Jazz Quartet (awarded for Best New Production by the Fox Music USA Latin Music Awards in 2015), which featured artists such as Charlie Sepúlveda, Egui Castrillo, Ricardo Pons, Raúl Maldonado, William Machado. and Berklee's first cuatro player Fabiola Marí Méndez.

     Currently Richard Peña and his Latin Jazz Band plays every Monday as the House Band for Channel 13's Monday night show "Ellas y Tus Noches". If not on tour, Peña plays his usual steady gigs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Don Rey Cigars at Caguas and Santurce. 


Photographer: Rolando Negron

Musician: Richard Peña

Festival: La Placita Food Festival 2017