Peña is a talented and driven artist with a unique sound. In particular, he is an excellent guitarist with a truly one-of-a-kind style which transcends genre boundaries and definitions.
— JazzCorner Magazine
He’s not like those guitarists who are only technical for the sake of being technical. He speaks to the soul.
— All About Jazz Magazine
Peña is far more than just an excellent guitar player. He is a music composer with a keen ear for creating beautiful songs.
— Ink 19 Magazine
A seriously talented young man, one of the prime musicians of his generation.
— Charlie Sepúlveda (Latin Grammy Award Winner)
His playing is mature, emotional and very tasteful. A refreshing young man with an old soul.
— Franky Suarez Sr.
. Love his technique and creativity! Especially the way he interprets folkloric music; he does a great job mixing reharmonization and latin grooves. He’s definitely heading the right way.
— Sammy Morales
He’s an extremely mature and organic young man. The trio format is complicated and yet he masterfully manages it. He’s pure talent, period.
— Ivan Malave
Peña is full of unique creativity and talent, definitely one of the most promising musicians of his generation.
— Julito Alvarado
Just about the best music my business has had in years. People love his music, the way it’s always refreshing; always gives them a reason to come back next week for more!
— Don Rey Cigar
Richard Peña is what you should look for as a musician. Not only is he an incredible guitarist who takes care of every musical detail, but he’s also committed and responsible. Every show is full of passion. We need more musicians like him in the world so that we continue moving music forward.
— StageBoom

This is Richard

      Born in 1996, Rio Piedras, PR, Richard Peña is the jazz guitarist of the new generation of jazz of the island. Throughout his high school years at the Escuela Libre de Musica of San Juan and current years studying his Bachelors Degree at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, Peña participated in many international music events such as the Berklee Highschool Jazz Festival (2015 edition, award winner in S3 category); Heneiken Ventana al Jazz in Orlando, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico; Concurso Internazionale di Canto Corale in Seghizzi, Italy; over 5 times at the Long Weekends Jazz Festival at Palmas del Mar; Humacao Jazz Festival; Festival de Jazz de Carolina (2018, 2019); Pimentón Fiesta de Aniversario & Jazz Festival; Sancocho Jazz Fest (2014 edition); Daskalos Music Festival; Toured the cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago of Dominican Republic playing at venues such as the Santo Domingo Jazz Festival at Casa de Teatro (2017 edition), Fiesta Sunset Jazz Club, The Gran Teatro del Cibao and Santo Domingo de Fiesta; Comienza La Noche Buena en La Placita de Santurce; Paseo de las Artes en Caguas: Pa’l Pueblo; La Placita Food Festival (2017 edition); Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular; Puerto Rican jazz clubs such as Abracadabra, Don Rey Cigar and many other local music events and venues.

     Peña has performed with players such as Latin Grammy Award Winners Charlie Sepúlveda, Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Ramón Vázquez, Yissy García, Ricardo Pons, Fernando García, Edgard Abraham, Guy Frómata, Julio Alvarado, Juan Guillermo Aguilar, Gonchi Sifre, Fidel Morales, Pedro Guzman, Jose Ortiz, Efraín Martínez, Elías Santos Celpa, Gabriel Rodriguez, Sammy Morales, Hector Matos, Jose Oquendo, Edmar Colón, Orlando Laureano, Latin singers Carlos Vives, Victor Manuelle and Tito el Bambino. He also recorded in the award winning album "Ready For Departure" by Guess Who Jazz Quartet (awarded for Best New Production by the Fox Music USA Latin Music Awards in 2015), which featured artists such as Charlie Sepúlveda, Egui Castrillo, Ricardo Pons, Raúl Maldonado, William Machado. and Berklee's first cuatro player Fabiola Marí Méndez.

On October 16th of 2018, Richard released his first solo album “Hey, Don Rey!” (all original music). Dedicated to Richard’s father, “Hey, Don Rey!” is a powerful view of the Latin side of jazz guitar. With an astonishing blend of the traditional sounds of Latin music, the modern colors of post-bop/fusion jazz and the warm sound of the guitar, Peña delivers a refreshing pallet of melodic and harmonic ideas that renews the role of the guitar in the tradition of Latin Jazz. 

On August of 2018, Richard Peña got together with Bassist Elias Santos Celpa & Drummer Hector Matos to recreate the spirit of Joe Pass’s jazz guitar into the tradition of Puerto Rican folkloric music, giving birth to the Borinqueneers Jazz Trio. The album focuses on renewing traditional Puertorican melodies through the harmonic and rhythmic pallet of jazz, inserting improvisation as a mechanism to push the music to new heights while maintaining the sense of tradition and ethnicity throughout the melodic and rhythmic layouts that our folklore provides. The album’s release date is September 21st, 2019.

      The Richard Peña Latin Jazz band was the featured house band for the T.V. Show "Ellas y Tus Noches" (Broadcast every Monday on Channel 13 of local Puerto Rican television). In 2016, Richard composed a three movement jazz suite for the renounced concert of modern dance school Coda 21, “Move + Sound”, debuted at the Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce on July 22nd and 23rd the same year. 

      If not on tour, Peña can be heard at his usual steady gigs every Monday and Tuesdays at Don Rey Cigar at the Placita de Santurce, Puerto Rico.